Basement Flood in Macomb MI? D.B.C. Company can help!

bfHave you suffered from a Basement Flood in Macomb MI or surrounding areas? If so, call the expert Basement Flood Service in Macomb MI today at (586) 598-2600 for immediate assistance.

Basements are susceptible to flooding for several reasons. Whether a pipe bursts, or a heavy rainstorm or rising river fills the basement with water, there are dangers...


Basement Flood Experts – Sterling Heights, Michigan

fb2Did you experience a Basement Flood in Sterling Heights, Michigan and would like immediate and professional assistance? If so, call the...


Water Damage Repair Macomb County, Michigan

water-damage-macomb-county-miHave you suffered from a house flood resulting in water damage in Macomb County, Michigan? If so, call the experienced water damage team at (877) 598-9600 for immediate assistance!

According to, water damage is among the most common causes of...


Fire Damage Repair Macomb, Michigan

fire-damage-repair-macomb-michiganIf you have experienced a house fire and need Fire Damage...


Combat Winter With DBC!

Frozen pipes in Michigan
Decem-brrrr 2014

Combat Winter with D.B.C. Company!



Water Damage Restoration Sterling Heights MI

bfD.B.C. Company, Inc. offers professional Flood Restoration in Sterling Heights MI and surrounding areas. If you have experienced a flood, call the Sterling Heights MI Flood Restoration experts you can trust at (877) 598-9600 today for 24/7 immediate assistance.

Benefits of Water Damage Restoration Companies

After a fire or...


Storm Damage Restoration St. Clair Shores MI

s1D.B.C. Company, Inc. provides top quality Storm Damage Restoration in St. Clair Shores MI and surrounding areas. Call (877) 598-9600 today to get 24/7 storm damage restoration services at your home or business.

Roof Damage Caused by Storms

When a storm hits, the roof is most susceptible to costly damage. Fallen tree branches, flying...


Fire Restoration Macomb County MI

f1Have you experienced a fire and need fire restoration in Macomb County MI? Please call D.B.C. Company, Inc. immediately at (877) 598-9600.

Benefits of Hiring Fire Restoration Companies

Fire restoration companies have many contractors at their disposal. After a house fire, you need a fire restoration company to dispatch contractors to help...


2nd Annual Blue Water Business Expo


Insurance Repair Specialists = Universal Renovation Specialists

DBC-trailerWhen you hear the term “Insurance Repair Specialist” people automatically assume
that insurance claims are all we do. That’s not necessarily true. As a company,
our main goals are not only to help those in delicate insurance repair positions,
even though we do quite excel at that, but to create a divine abode in which all


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