New Year’s Resolution

Home Additions and Remodels

These types of improvements not only add to the enjoyment of a home but can also add to its functionality, value and market appeal.

According to industry reports, the trend in home remodeling during these economically challenged times is leaning toward projects that require minimal or low cost maintenance and improvements that serve practical purposes.

Remodeling Magazine’s report of home remodels with the best return on investment begins with these top 10:

  • Attic bedroom addition
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Bathroom addition
  • Family room addition
  • Replacing an entry door with fiberglass or steel material
  • Adding a new garage
  • Home office remodel
  • Major kitchen remodel
  • Minor kitchen remodel
  • Adding a new wood or composite deck

If considering a deck addition, keep in mind that while adding a deck improves the marketability of your home, an outdoor living space, such as an outdoor kitchen or family room can do even more in this area.

Kitchen and Bath Remodels

These are two of the best value remodels one can make in a home. Part of the reason for this is the value these types of improvements add. Realtors often note that once inside the home, prospective buyers will usually pay more attention to the bathroom and kitchen than any other rooms.



These among many others are great ideas for New Year’s Resolutions to your home. DBC Company is definitely the company to call to help you achieve these resolutions in a timely manner. Don’t waste time, give us a call today to make this year’s resolutions ones that you achieve!




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